About us

Since 1987 Benko & Tsa. Company has designed, tested, and manufactured high quality aluminium plated exhaust systems. Our mufflers – Brutus Sound - are crafted in-house with years of racing and street development invested into the design. Each muffler is tuned to match its application for the best possible performance gain and sound quality combination. For strength, the muffler end-plates are duplicated. Depending on the application customer can choose from ø70-100 round tips with rolled edge, 120*70 oval edge tips or DTM style tips. We produce exhausts systems for most European, Japanese and American cars, light trucks and sport cars.

It’s what we do and it is who we are. With over 20 years of experience in the racing and exhaust industry, Benko & Tsa has learned a few things about performance. Performance is measured by more than just horsepower. Performance is delivering beyond expectations.

Would you rather listen to the adrenaline pumping sound of your exhaust than the radio? Does the slightest flick of the throttle make you yearn for open road? With a pleasant tone while cruising down the freeway, or a deep throaty roar when you plant your right foot. Brutus Sound Performance Exhaust has spent the last ten years perfecting the sound of their exhaust systems. We use two different packing materials and as many as three the muffler. This design creates the perfect harmony and will have you answering the question - “Where did you get that exhaust system?”

What is function without form? The look of your exhaust system is just as important as the performance and sound. At Brutus Sound Performance Exhaust, the product looks so good it is a shame to put it under the car! All products are polished and the exhaust systems are available with several different tip styles. Tip style is as individual as each customer and Brutus Sound Performance Exhaust offers a style and selection for everyone. We are decided to giving the customer quality service and repairs by qualified, trained technicians. Benko & Tsa have two shops and three exhaust services where we install catalytic converters, flexible tubes and replace exhausts systems, mufflers and tubes.